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The following legal documents are extracted from FAO’s legislative and policy database, FAOLEX

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Charte de l'Eau du Bassin du Niger.

La présente charte est un accord entre les Etats Parties qui sont : la République du Bénin, le Burkina Faso, la République du Cameroun, la République de Côte d'Ivoire, la République de Guinée, la République du Mali, la République du Niger, la République Fédérale du Nigeria,...

The National Land Commission Act, no. 19 of 2022.

Concerning the District Land Commission, the Act provides for its composition, its functions including: provide technical support to Chiefdom and other land committees in the management and administration of customary land in the respective districts, set up and maintain a comprehensive register of government and public...
Sierra Leone

Resolution No. 235 of 2022 of Georgian Government on Rules for Transferring of Real Estate of Protected Areas into Use and Special Purpose Use

This Resolution provides for the rules for transferring of real estate of protected areas into use and special purpose use. It consists of eleven articles: General provisions (1); Rules for determining the fees for transferring property into use (2); Regulation of communication structures (3); Transferring agricultural...

Regional Law No. 90-OZ “On reindeer breeding in the Amur region.”

This Regional Law regulates public relations in the field of reindeer breeding in the Amur region in order to protect the original habitat, preservation of the traditional way of life and economic activities of small indigenous peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East of...
Russian Federation (Amur)

Presidential Decree No. 5140 on combatting agricultural drought and studies on drought management.

This Decree lays down provisions on the duties, authorities and responsibilities of the relevant ministries, directorates, universities, local government and non-governmental organizations under the coordination of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to carry out studies to take measures and to reduce the effects of possible...

Regional Law No. 100-RZ “On some issues of grazing and driving of farm animals”.

This Regional Law regulates some issues of grazing and driving of farm animals. Farm animals shall be intended horses, cattle, sheep, goats, poultry and other animals kept in peasant farms, personal smallholdings of citizens and legal entities used livestock breeding and other agricultural products, a necessary...
Russian Federation (Altai)

Governmental Decision No. 2057-L “On classification of land area of the Republic of Armenia”.

This Governmental Decision classifies the national land area, calculated in hectares, and distribution thereof by the following land categories: (a) arable land, including horticultural land and land destined for agro-forestry; (b) public land, including pastures, protected areas, grassland and forest land; (c) tree and shrubbery covered...

Regional Law 30 November 2021, n. 54. Rules of discipline, protection and enhancement of pastoralism and transhumance, supporting the Lucanian territory.

The Law identifies the tasks of the Region for the realization of its goals and objectives. Among those there is the dissemination of knowledge and respect and protection of the rural historical heritage, the environment, landscape, pastoralism and transhumance; the adoption of specific programs aimed at...
Italy (Basilicata)

Décret N°2021-563 du 03 Novembre 2021 portant attributions, organisation et fonctionnement du Ministère de I‘Agriculture, de l'Elevage et de la Pêche.

Le présent décret fixe les attributions, l’organisation et le fonctionnement du Ministère de I‘Agriculture, de l'Élevage et de la Pêche et a pour mission la conception, la coordination et le suivi-évaluation de la politique de I‘État en matière d'amélioration de la production, des revenus des producteurs...

Governmental Decree No. 444 appointing authorized state institutions in the field of management and protection of pastures.

This Governmental Decree appoints the authorized state body for pasture management the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic Tajikistan, and the authorized state body for the protection of pastures the Committee for Environmental Protection under the Government of the Republic Tajikistan. ...

Resolution No. 96/2021 approving the Programme for mitigating the results of the 2021/2022 agricultural year, its budget, as well as the schedule for its implementation.

The general objective of the Programme is to contribute to increasing resilience and adaptation to climate change, by strengthening the capacity to prevent and manage crisis situations arising from droughts and other extreme natural events, consolidating the country's sustainable development efforts in socio-economic, and environmental spheres....
Cabo Verde

Resolution No. 497 of 2021 of Georgian Government on State Program for Making State-Owned Pastures More Accessible

This Resolution approves the State Program for Making State-Owned Pastures More Accessible. It consists of eleven articles: General provisions (1); Program implementation (2); Definitions (3); Selection of pastures to be leased out (4); Terms to the participation in the Program (5); Submitting an application to participate...

Rules for the transition from traditional agricultural production to organic farming.

These Rules of transition from traditional agricultural production to organic farming are developed in accordance with Part 1 of Article 5 of the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic Law No. 65 “On organic agricultural production” and determine the transition from traditional agricultural production to organic farming....

Décret n° 086-2021 du 09 juin 2021 fixant les attributions du Ministre de l'Élevage et l’organisation de l’administration centrale de son département.

Ce décret a pour objet de définir les attributions du Ministre de l’Élevage dans l'accomplissement de sa mission générale de concevoir, exécuter, suivre et évaluer les politiques du Gouvernement en matière de développement et d'élevage. Le décret fixe aussi l'organisation de l'administration centrale du département du...

Décret n°2021-0327/PT-RM portant création, composition et fonctionnement du Comité national de la Transhumance.

Le présent décret porte sur la création d’un comité national de la Transhumance (CONAT). Cette structure est un cadre de concertation et d’orientation en matière de Transhumance et a pour mission d’appuyer le ministre chargé de l’Élevage sur les questions liées à la transhumance. Ce document...

Statute Law Amendment (Territory Economic Reconstruction) Act 2021 (Act. No. 19 of 2021).

The Act continues amending the Environment Protection (Beverage Containers and Plastic Bags) Act 2011 and providing a different definition for the following: accepted container, affected person, permitted container, CDS approval, supplier, supplier barcode document, supplier sales document and supply approval. It also amends requirements for Container...
Australia (Northern Territory)

Governmental Decision No. 725-L validating the Regulation on land degradation neutrality.

This Governmental Decision regulates land degradation neutrality aimed at improvement of the state of land resources with a view of increasing economic, social and environmental benefits based on the balanced application of the country’s development priorities. In order to achieve the elimination of land degradation in...

Décret n° 061-2021 du 21 Avril 2021/P.M/ portant réaménagement du cadre national de concertation sur la sécurité alimentaire et instituant un Dispositif National de Prévention et de Réponse aux Crises Alimentaires et Nutritionnelles (DCAN).

L'objet de ce décret, organisé en cinq Titres, est identifié par le premier Titre: le réaménagement du cadre national de concertation sur la sécurité alimentaire et l'institution d'un Dispositif National de Prévention et de Réponse aux Crises Alimentaires et Nutritionnelles (DCAN) comprenant des instances de concertation...

Ordinance of the Federal Minister of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism enacting the Cattle Identification Ordinance 2021 and amending the Direct Payments Ordinance 2015 and the Horizontal Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Ordinance 2015.

Matters covered by this Ordinance concern: means for identifying kept cattle, including: marking, conventional and electronic ear tags, procedure in case of imported cattle, procedure for bovine animals whose ear characteristics do not allow ear tags; keeping of records by cattle farmers and information included therein;...

Regulation on the implementation of a public tender for the lease of common pastures owned by the Republic of Croatia.

The Annex is part of this publication (list of necessary documentation proving the fulfillment of the tender conditions; list of provisions that are part of agreement on the use of common pasture). ...
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