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Five new food systems in China, Mexico, Morocco, Spain and Thailand have recently been recognized as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS). Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) refers to an evolving system of human communities intricately entwined with their territory,...

Farmer Nima Elmassad noticed the weather changing around seven years ago. In Sudan’s southern White Nile State, the rains began coming later and falling inconsistently. During the long, harsh dry season, her children had to travel three hours per day...
"Avant...c'était le paradis ici," Mama Abdoulaye
Quel est votre nom et où vivez-vous ? Je m’appelle Mama Abdoulaye, je vis dans la commune de Farey, dans la région de Dosso. Quel type d’animaux gardez-vous? Appartiennent-ils à vous et votre famille, ou bien les gardez-vous pour d’autres personnes ? Je possède...
FAO is supporting herders and building the resilience of rural families
A trip to the local market can be a bewildering experience for Zulaikha, a 48-year-old, widowed smallholder livestock farmer in northern Afghanistan’s Samangan province. Even the cost of the everyday items she needs for her family of six seems beyond...

Zeinabou Mint Smail “It is now clear for all that it is a right for women to participate in the sector and that the revenues they generate help reduce poverty within families, households and communities.”