Pastoralist Knowledge Hub

Our pillars

The Hub is comprised of three pillars giving pastoralists the necessary knowledge, networks and partners to participate in global policy dialog.

Pillar 1

The Hub is a knowledge repository on pastoralism. Experts and pastoralists will collate and systematize available literature, studies, research and assessments on pastoralist livelihoods. The repository covers a wide range of different topics covering social, economic, political and environmental aspects of pastoral livelihoods. If provided with the adequate support for their development and adoption, pastoralists can be efficient sustainable food producers and guardians of natural resources.

Pillar 2

The Hub is a forum for pastoralist networks. It is a dynamic forum where pastoralist organizations will come together, discuss, share their knowledge and organize themselves. The Hub will provide them with the necessary assistance and the opportunity to better organize and voice their concerns at the appropriate policy forums.

Pillar 3

The Hub fosters alliances among key partners engaged in the improvement of pastoralist livelihoods, their environments and economies. They will collaborate in the Hub through advocacy, by sharing their documents, studies and information, by jointly organizing events, and by promoting pastoralist-friendly interventions and policies.