Борьба с вредителями и обращение с пестицидами

Distribution and Sales

Provisional guidelines on tender procedures for the procurement of pesticides [1994]
These guidelines are intended to provide guidance to both suppliers and procurers of pesticides, on the steps to be taken to ensure that pesticides obtained are of the required quality and are suitably packaged and labelled, taking into account local transport and warehousing facilities.

The guidance provided is relevant to all procurement agencies – government agencies, donor agencies or other organizations and private procurers, regardless of whether the pesticides concerned are for use by farmers or others.

Guidelines for retail distribution of pesticides with particular reference to storage and handling at the point of supply to users in developing countries [1988]
These guidelines provide information on general precautions and requirements for the storage, handling and transportation of pesticides. The conditions under which pesticides are stored varies widely. Improper storage and handling can adversely affect their physical and chemical properties and effectiveness.