Борьба с вредителями и обращение с пестицидами

Packaging, labelling and advertising

Guidelines on good labelling practice for pesticides [2022] (also available in Chinese)
These guidelines are aimed at pesticide regulatory authorities, primarily in low and middle income countries when they define or revise national pesticide labelling requirements. The guidelines aim also to assist pesticide registration authorities in reviewing the design and contents of (draft) pesticide labels. Other stakeholders, such as pesticide industry and civil society groups, may also find the guidelines useful for writing or evaluating pesticide labels or other promotional material for pesticide products.

Guidelines on Pesticide Advertising [2010] (also available in French, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese)
These guidelines aim to provide information for governments and the pesticide industry to supplement Article 11 (Advertising) of the Code of Conduct, considering both self-regulation and statutory measures. Further to explaining how to create a legal framework to enforce the standards in the Code of Conduct, these guidelines recommend best advertising practices, in order to ensure observance of the Code of Conduct and compliance with relevant national legislation. Last, they suggest a framework for government monitoring of pesticide advertisements, and indicate steps to take when encountering non-compliance with national legislation or non-observance of the Code of Conduct.