Борьба с вредителями и обращение с пестицидами

Совместное совещание ФАО/ВОЗ по остаткам пестицидов (ССОП)

The FAO/WHO "Joint Meeting on Pesticide Residues" (JMPR) is an expert ad hoc body administered jointly by FAO and WHO in the purpose of harmonizing the requirement and the risk assessment on the pesticide residues, and provides independent scientific expert advice to the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) and its specialist Committee on Pesticide Residues as well as to FAO, WHO and member countries.

The JMPR is comprised of the FAO Panel on Pesticide Residues and the WHO Core Assessment Group. The WHO Core Assessment Group is responsible for reviewing pesticide toxicological data and estimating Acceptable Daily Intakes (ADI), acute reference doses (ARfDs) and characterized other toxicological criteria. The FAO Panel reviews the results of a range of studies including residue field trials and processing studies, and estimate levels of residues in treated commodities.

Panel members are internationally recognized specialists with expertise and experience relevant to the assessment of pesticide residue levels in food and feed. They do not represent the position of the governments or institutions they may belong to, but are appointed to their respective Panels in their personal capacity.

In addition tot he proposals for MRLs, their detailed evaluations of individual pesticides conducted by the FAO Panel and the WHO Core Assessment Group are also of benefit to national governments in undertaking national assessments.

Codex Committee on Pesticide Residues (CCPR)

The CCPR, a subsidiary body of the CAC, is an intergovernmental meeting whose prime objective is to reach agreement between governments on maximum residue limits (MRLs) for pesticides residues in food and feed commodities moving in international trade.

The MRL proposals made by JMPR are considered by the CCPR as part of CODEX procedure which provides opportunity for discussion and comment by national governments and other interested organizations. The MRLs recommended by CCPR are provided to the CAC, for adoption as Codex maximum residue limits (CXLs).