Boîte à outils pour l’homologation des pesticides

Terms and definitions N

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Natural enemy:

Organism which lives at the expense of another organism in its area of origin and which may help to limit the population of that organism. This includes parasitoids, parasites, predators, phytophagous organisms and pathogens [Source: IPPC]

No Observed Adverse Effect Level (NOAEL):

Greatest concentration or amount of a substance, found by experiment or observation, which causes no detectable adverse alteration of morphology, functional capacity, growth, development, or life span of the target organism under defined conditions of exposure. [Source: IUPAC]

No Observed Effect Concentration (NOEC):

Test concentration immediately below the lowest tested concentration with statistically significant adverse effect. The NOEC has no statistically significant adverse effect compared to the control. [Source: GHS]