Pesticide Registration Toolkit
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Eliminating highly hazardous pesticides in Southern Africa

FAO, in collaboration with the Secretariat of the Rotterdam Convention, the Swedish Chemical Agency (KEMI), the University of Cape Town and the Southern African Pesticide Regulators Forum (SAPReF), organized a regional workshop on risk reduction of highly hazardous pesticides (HHPs), from 25 – 29 April 2016 in Johannesburg, South Africa. The [...]

Pollinator module on-line

Bees are important pollinators of crops and wild plants, but are sensitive to many types of pesticides. Proper assessment of the hazard and risk of pesticides to bees is therefore of crucial importance to sustain agricultural production and maintain biodiversity, and an essential part of pesticide registration. Hazard and risk [...]

Working group on ground- and surface water risk assessment.

From 8 – 10 December 2015, FAO hosted a working group on ground- and surface water risk assessment. Aquatic organisms, such as fish, shrimp and crayfish, tend to be very sensitive to many types of pesticides, and a surface water risk assessment is therefore part of the evaluation of a [...]