Pesticide Registration Toolkit

For granules and treated seeds: Require high quality drilling equipment

Description of the measure

If treated seeds or pesticides granules are not applied in the right manner, the pesticide may abrade during drilling, which can result in drift of pesticide dust. Bees can be exposed to the dust, either by direct impaction or by secondary pick-up of the dust from plants.

Therefore, as a measure to reduce risks from mechanical seed or granule drilling, the registration requirements can require high quality drilling equipment in order to reduce abrasion of seeds or granules, and subsequent drift of dust, during drilling.

ISO standard 17962 is being used for certification of seed drilling machinery. 

Conditions for effective implementation

High quality drilling equipment for pesticide granules and treated seeds should be available and affordable to farmers.

Estimated risk reduction potential

By combining good quality seed coatings and drilling equipment, a 90% reduction in dust dispersion on the ground is expected to be achieved.

Potential constraints

High quality seed and granule drilling equipment may be more costly than conventional machinery.

Further information

The ISO standard for seed drilling equipment is: ISO 17962:2015. Agricultural machinery – Equipment for sowing – Minimization of the environmental effects of fan exhaust from pneumatic systems. International Standards Organization.