Kit de Herramientas para el Registro de Plaguicidas


The International Code of Conduct on Pesticide Management defines public health pesticides as pesticides that are used in the control of pests of public health significance. Such pesticides include vector control pesticides, household pesticides and professional pest control products (that is, pesticides used by professional pest control operators).

In some countries, different regulatory authorities evaluate and register agricultural pesticides and public health pesticides, typically the ministries responsible for agriculture and health, respectively. The scientific background of the persons evaluating public health pesticides can therefore be different from those assessing agricultural pesticides and evaluation methods may vary. Furthermore, while many efficacy and risk assessment methods are very similar irrespective of the type of pesticide that is evaluated, some differences do exist.

These special pages provide an entry point into the Pesticide Registration Toolkit for those persons registering public health pesticides. The aim of the special pages is to make relevant parts of the Toolkit more easily accessible to regulators of public health pesticides. In addition, a number of issues that are specific to the registration of public health pesticides are covered.

The following topics are included in this module:

These special pages on public health pesticides have been developed in close collaboration with the World Health Organization – Vector Ecology and Management Unit (VEM).