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National Information Sharing Mechanism on plant genetic resources for food and agriculture

About NISM

Plant genetic resources for food and agriculture (PGRFA) are crucial in feeding the world's increasing population. They are the raw materials that farmers and plant breeders use to improve the quality and productivity of crops. The sustainable use of plant genetic resources is vital for national agricultural development because they are required to increase in agricultural productivity and sustainability; thereby contributing to enhanced global food security and reducing poverty.

At the Fourth International Technical Conference on Plant Genetic Resources (Liepzig, June 1996), 150 countries adopted the Global Plan of Action on PGRFA. They agreed that its implementation would be monitored and guided by the national governments and other members of FAO and recommended the establishment of a transparent and effective monitoring system.

The National Information Sharing Mechanism (NISM) on implementation of GPA-PGRFA is one such tool for transparent and effective monitoring of the implementation of GPA. Its objective is also to improve countries’ capacity in exchanging and analyzing PGRFA information for future planning.

The National Biodiversity Centre, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests is the National Focal Point for the NISM in Bhutan and is co-ordinating the participation of other National Stakeholders in the country. All the information compiled under the National Information Sharing Mechanism on GPA Implementation, can be accessed through this website. Other countries’ Mechanism can be accessed in several languages from the World Information Sharing Mechanism (

What instruments does the Mechanism use?

A set of tools agreed by the FAO Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture:

  • a list of internationally agreed indicators related to the 20 GPA priority activity areas and a reporting format to monitor the implementation of the Global Plan of Action; and an information system including a database and a search engine (NISM-GPA database).

How does it operate?

Through the voluntary contribution of data and information by national institutions, private institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations, coordinated by the GPA National Focal Point of the country and under the supervision of National Committee.

Who can participate into the Mechanism and how?

All stakeholders- government, non-governmental, and private institutions, organizations, enterprises, who contribute to the conservation and sustainable utilization of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture in the country can be part of the Mechanism by contacting the National Focal Point of Bhutan.

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