Plant Production and Protection

Discover the wonders of pollinators

A platform dedicated to the role of pollinators in enhancing biodiversity and sustainable agrifood systems, featuring a glossary, resources and a photo initiative


In the tapestry of our ecosystem, pollinators play a critical role in sustaining agricultural productivity and enhancing human health. Recognizing the importance of pollinators, FAO just launched its newly redesigned platform dedicated to the Global Action on Pollination Services for Sustainable Agriculture. This knowledge hub aims to empower professionals and enthusiasts with extensive resources, updated news, assessments and much more. 

New design, improved tools 

The updated pollination glossary explains scientific terms and processes related to pollination, making it an invaluable tool for educators, researchers, beekeepers, policy makers and any pollinators' enthusiasts. By safeguarding pollinators, we safeguard biodiversity, food production and human livelihoods. Thus, the glossary facilitates the understanding of our ecosystems and the critical role that pollination plays in them. 

A set of knowledge products such as research, policy papers, best practices in nature positive and agroecological approaches, and assessment for sustainable use and conservation of pollinators are crucial for addressing challenges such as habitat loss, pesticide overuse, and the effects of climate change on pollinators. 

Celebrate the beauty of pollinators with your best photos 

Photographers from all over the world can now contribute to a global photo collection of pollinators in action hosted on the FAO Digital Media Hub. This initiative not only raises awareness about the importance of pollinators but also celebrates the beauty of these essential creatures through the power of community-shared photography. Participation is easy! All the instructions are available here. 

The launch of the enhanced pollination website is a call to everyone - from field experts to gardening enthusiasts - to explore the roles and challenges faced by pollinators and to take small yet impactful steps, like planting pollinator-friendly flowers and supporting sustainable beekeeping, to support these vital members of our ecological community.