International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

List of Contracting Parties

The grouping of Contracting Parties follows the list of the “FAO Member Nations by region for Council election”. The economic classification is elaborated with data from the World Bank. 

Data source: FAO Legal Office

As of 1 December 2023, the International Treaty has 151 Contracting Parties including one member organization. Read more information about the membership and how to join the International Treaty.

You can filter the table below by membership status, Contracting Party and region. Click on the name of the Contracting Party to see the detailed profile page.

Country Region Contracting Party
41 Costa Rica Latin America and the Caribbean Yes
42 Croatia Europe Yes
43 Cuba Latin America and the Caribbean Yes
44 Cyprus Europe Yes
45 Czechia Europe Yes
46 Côte d'Ivoire Africa Yes
47 Democratic People's Republic of Korea Asia Yes
48 Democratic Republic of the Congo Africa Yes
49 Denmark Europe Yes
50 Djibouti Near East Yes
51 Dominica Latin America and the Caribbean No
52 Dominican Republic Latin America and the Caribbean Yes
53 Ecuador Latin America and the Caribbean Yes
54 Egypt Near East Yes
55 El Salvador Latin America and the Caribbean Yes
56 Equatorial Guinea Africa No
57 Eritrea Africa Yes
58 Estonia Europe Yes
59 Eswatini Africa Yes
60 Ethiopia Africa Yes
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