International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

Fifth meeting of the Compliance Committee (CC-5)

28/03/2023 to 29/03/2023

Italy (Rome)

Working Documents

» IT/GB-10/CC-5/23/2
Provisional Agenda
» IT/GB-10/CC-5/23/2.2
Annotated Provisional Agenda and Timetable
» IT/GB-10/CC-5/23/3
Synthesis of Reports received from Contracting Parties on measures taken to implement the Provisions of the International Treaty
» IT/GB-10/CC-5/23/4
Reviews Under the Mandate of the Compliance Committee and Future Work

Information Documents

» IT/GB-10/CC-5/23/2/Inf.1
List of Documents

Other Documents

» Resolution 2/2011, Annex
Procedures and Operational Mechanisms to Promote Compliance and Address Issues of Non-Compliance (Compliance Procedures)
» Resolution 9/2013 Rev.1, Annex 1
Rules of Procedure of the Compliance Committee


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Invitation and Notifications Documents

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