Traité international sur les ressources phytogénétiques pour l'alimentation et l'agriculture

First Meeting of the Compliance Committee

20/04/2013 to 22/04/2013

Italy ()

The Compliance Committee established by the Governing Body on 16 June 2006 by Resolution 3/2006.

As decided by the Governing Body at its Fourth Session (Resolution A.2), the Compliance Committee shall develop further rules of procedure relevant to its work, including rules on confidentiality, decision making, conflict of interest of Committee members, electronic decision making, replacement of Committee members and the format for submissions by the Governing Body, and submit them to the next Session of the Governing Body for its consideration and approval.

In accordance with Section V of the procedures and operational mechanisms the Committee shall develop a succinct standard reporting format for approval by the Governing Body at its next Session.

The objective of the compliance procedures and mechanisms shall be to promote compliance with all the provisions of the International Treaty and to address issues of non-compliance. These procedures and mechanisms include monitoring, offering advice or assistance, including legal advice or legal assistance, when needed and requested, in particular to developing countries and countries with economies in transition.

Documents de travail

» IT/CC 1/13/1
Draft Provisional Agenda
» IT/CC 1/13/2
Draft Rules Of Procedure Of The Compliance Committee
» IT/CC 1/13/3
Draft Resolution On Compliance For The Consideration Of The Governing Body
» IT/CC 1/13/4
Draft Standard Reporting Format For Use By Contracting Parties

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» IT/CC 1/13/Record
Record of the First Meeting - Compliance Committee


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