Traité international sur les ressources phytogénétiques pour l'alimentation et l'agriculture

Ninth meeting of the Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on the Funding Strategy (ACFS-9)

20/06/2017 to 22/06/2017

Italy (Rome)

At its Sixth Session, the Governing Body agreed to undertake, at its Seventh Session, a review of the Funding Strategy with a view to enhance its functioning. In order to provide a basis for this review, it decided to reconvene the Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on the Funding Strategy in the 2016–2017 biennium.

Documents de travail

» IT/ACFS-9/17/1
Draft Provisional Agenda
» IT/ACFS-9/17/2
Updating the Funding Strategy: annotated Outline for a new framework

Documents d'information

» IT/ACFS-9/17/Inf.3
Compilation of Submissions received from Members of the Committee

Other Documents

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Invitations et notifications

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