International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

The Ad Hoc Technical Expert Group on Farmers' Rights (AHTEG-FR)


Established by the Governing Body in 2017, by Resolution 7/2017 and reconvened for the 2020–2021 biennium in order to complete its tasks based on the Terms of Reference established at the Seventh Session of the Governing Body and the provisions under Resolution 6/2019

Main Purpose

The Expert Group will:

  • Produce an inventory of national measures that may be adopted, best practices and lessons learned from the realization of Farmers’ Rights, as set out in Article 9 of the International Treaty; and
  • Based on the inventory, develop options for encouraging, guiding and promoting the realization of Farmers’ Rights as set out in Article 9 of the International Treaty.

Term of Reference



Two Co-Chairpersons from Contracting Parties to the International Treaty will form part of the Expert Group – one from a developing country and one from a developed country. The Co-Chairpersons will be appointed by the Bureau

Membership and composition

The Ad Hoc Technical Expert Group will comprise up to five members designated by each FAO region, up to five representatives of farmer organizations, particularly from the centers of origin and crop diversity, and up to three other stakeholders, including the seed sector, designated by the Bureau of the Eighth Session of the Governing Body.



English (the interpretation and the translation of documents into relevant languages is subject to additional financial resources)

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Frequency of Sessions

Up to two meetings per biennium, subject to the availability of resources, in the biennium 2020–2021, as currently constituted, and report to the Ninth Session of the Governing Body on its work for further consideration

Funding Source

Extra budgetary resources



First Session

September 2018

Pattern of Session

2018, 2019, 2020 (virtual), 2021 (Virtual)

Subsidiary Bodies or Groups


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