Technical Platform on the Measurement and Reduction of Food Loss and Waste

“Post-harvest loss reduction for enhanced food and nutrition security in IGAD member states”

Hybrid Event, 11/03/2019 - 12/03/2019

Djibouti - A workshop will be held to launch a new project entitled “Post-Harvest Loss Reduction for Enhanced Food and Nutrition Security in IGAD Member States”. It will contribute to improving the capacity of IGAD and its Member States in developing and implementing solutions to food loss and waste at various levels (from policy, to improved market linkages and technologies). This will be achieved through four outputs:

  1. IGAD Regional Strategy on post-harvest loss reduction aligned with AU PHL Continental framework formulated 
  2. Human and institutional capacity of the IGAD Secretariat and member countries strengthened in the design and implementation of food loss reduction policies, strategies and programmes
  3. IGAD’s PHL Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system established to monitor and report on progress to achieve the Malabo PHL target and synchronized with the AUC PHL M&E and biennium review process.
  4. A bankable project to further enhance efforts on post-harvest loss reduction developed

The project will build on past and on-going initiatives on post-harvest loss reduction to avoid duplication of efforts.  Importantly, the project will utilize information generated through a continent wide initiative funded by Rockefeller Foundation and the food loss assessment methodology developed by FAO’s SAVE FOOD Initiative. This methodology adopts a value chain approach, includes both quantitative and qualitative aspects of food losses, and analyses institutional and regulatory frameworks and policies that contribute to food loss reduction.

For more details please do refer to the Concept Note of the workshop.