Technical Platform on the Measurement and Reduction of Food Loss and Waste

Webinar: The food waste atlas & WBCSD/Fresh food loss and waste value calculator

Hybrid Event, 18/10/2018

On 25 October at the Champions 12.3 event the Food Reform for Health and Sustainability (FReSH) project announced the creation of the Food Loss and Waste Value Calculator that allows to instantly estimate the value of food loss and waste in terms of the nutrition being lost and in terms of environmental impacts.

Our partners at the World Resources Institute and the Food Loss and Waste Protocol are organizing a webinar on 18 October 9:00-10:30 ET where Alexi Ernstoff (Quantis), the expert developer of the tool will be presenting and discussing with the audience how it can provide you with essential insights into the impacts of food loss and waste and information to inform your decisions. Register for the webinar here.