Technical Platform on the Measurement and Reduction of Food Loss and Waste

Netherlands (Kingdom of the)

General views of food waste.


Tackling the scourge of food loss and waste represents a triple win opportunity for the climate, for food security, as well as for the sustainability of our agrifood systems.
A short course providing participants with expert lectures on a wide variety of topics relevant to the crop supply chain from quality parameters, value chain analysis, and economic impact of food losses & waste to multi-stakeholder involvement.
Indian and European students network engaged in DO GOOD: SAVE FOOD

Eumind (Europe meets India) is a network of schools aimed at facilitating learning across the borders. It creates and supervises virtual exchange projects in which Indian and European students work together on real-life issues such as sustainability, human rights and arts & culture. Among other projects done by students on various subjects, inspired by the FAO DO GOOD SAVE FOOD education material, a new project was launched on 'Saving Food' following the DO GOOD SAVE FOOD tool kit.


Since COVID-19 outbreak, States adopted different combinations of measures to restrain its spread that affected
individual behaviors and the already fragile local and global food systems. The aim of this research is to
contribute to the scientific debate around food syste...






Hybrid Event, 19/10/2022 - 21/10/2022

Global food security in the XXIs: Risks, challenges and solutions to ensure resilient and sustainable fresh food supply chains

At a time where urgent action is needed to secure accessibility to food worldwide, WUWM Abu Dhabi 2022 will bring together high level public and private sector practitioners and experts from around the world in productive dialogue around these ke...





Wageningen (Netherlands), 14/09/2015 - 25/09/2015

Large contrasts exist in how we manage the food we have available. While in parts of our societies there is a shortage of food, in the urban and wealthier communities, good food is thrown away only because it is beyond its sell-by date. Optimising the ‘fa





Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), 09/03/2015 - 11/03/2015

As the reduction of food waste must be part of a portfolio of solutions needed to feed the world more sustainably, GFIA 2015 will include a major focus on the important issues. In partnership with Wageningen UR this side event will comprise a two-day, sol

Toolkit. Reducing the Food Wastage Footprint

The aim of the Toolkit is to showcase concrete examples of good practices for food loss and waste reduction, while pointing to information sources, guidelines and pledges favoring food wastage reduction. The inspirational examples featured throughout this Tool kit demonstrate that everyone, from individual households and producers, through governments, to large food industries, can make choices that will ultimately lead to FLW reduction.


Wageningen University and Research (WUR) experts from numerous domains explore how high-level FLW recommendations can be translated into concrete actions, solutions, and pathways. The authors highlight new scientific insights and practice-oriented research outlining the way forward from what should happen to how this can be done to achieve more sustainable food...


COVID-19 has upended local, national, and global food systems, and put the Sustainable Development Goals further out of reach. But lessons and momentum from the world’s response to the pandemic can contribute to food system change. In the 2021 Global Food Policy Report, IFPRI researchers and experts explore the impacts...