Technical Platform on the Measurement and Reduction of Food Loss and Waste

LEG - ne’ma the National Food Loss and Waste Initiative

LEG - ne’ma the National Food Loss and Waste Initiative

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Tags United Arab Emirates
Start date 28/02/2022
Status Ongoing
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Ne’ma will coordinate the efforts of government authorities, the private sector, and non-governmental organisations to reduce food loss and waste throughout the food supply chain from production to consumption, which will cover farms, companies, suppliers, retailers and individuals.

The initiative aims to conduct a specialist study to determine the baseline for food loss and waste and implement legislation and stimulate innovation in technical solutions while focussing on success stories in this area and supporting them through a platform for organising and unifying the joint efforts of individuals and society, as well as spread community awareness and highlight the importance of adopting positive behaviour.

The initiative also aims to establish widespread partnerships with the private sector, government authorities, social entities, hotels and restaurants, retailers, universities, schools and other partners.

The strategic goals of the initiative include discovering the main reasons for the behaviour that cause food loss, changing negative medium and long-term behaviour and promoting positive ones.

Impact The initiative was developed by the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince’s Court, Emirates Foundation, and Ministry of Climate Change and Environment. It will contribute to achieving the UAE’s target of reducing food waste by 50 percent by 2030 to meet the country’s food security strategy and UN sustainable development goals.
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