Technical Platform on the Measurement and Reduction of Food Loss and Waste

Support to African Union in the development of policies and strategies for country-specific plans to reduce post-harvest food losses

Tags Ethiopia Ghana Mali Senegal South Africa
Start date 31/05/2016
End date 29/06/2018
Status Completed
Project Code none
Objective / Goal Develop a mechanism to coordinate and monitor food loss reduction initiatives on the continent
Hold regular meetings and interactions with key partners engaged in food loss reduction initiatives to guide and support work and ensure alignment with Malabo targets
Prepare periodic briefs on food loss reduction activities on the continent and dissemination to regional bodies and countries
Organize a regional forum to share findings from studies, learn lessons and disseminate good practices on the reduction of food losses
Take stock of existing information relative to food losses
Train stakeholders at country level to assess food losses using FAO’s food loss assessment methodology
Guide loss assessment studies for prioritized food commodities to identify: a) major causes of losses; b) good practices and solutions; and c) capacity building needs at policy and value chain level
Support countries to develop food loss reduction policies, strategies and programmes, informed by the findings of the loss assessment studies
Document findings and good practices to share at regional forum