Technical Platform on the Measurement and Reduction of Food Loss and Waste

COVID-19, FLW and Food systems in Europe and Central Asia

In Spain by spending more time at home during COVID-19 pandemic, due to lockdown , household’s food consumption increased significantly, resulting in more leftovers being produced. For this reason this year the Government started the campaign “Aquí no se tira nada”, announcing a law designed to reduce food loss and waste in Spain. More details here. (Spain, August 2021, Food waste reduction, campaign, legislation) 

The Ministry of agriculture issued  a guide on "Practical information and useful contacts for facilitating food donation during COVID-19". (France, December 2020, Food Donation).

Life under Covid-19: Food waste attitudes and behaviors in 2020 in United Kingdom. A report by WRAP is available online. ( UK, December 2020, Food Waste Behaviors).

Zero Waste Scotland - Saving Food Safely – Food Redistribution during COVID-19 guidelines to make sure that it can be distributed safely and effectively.( 2020, Food Redistribution).

The agriculture ministry in Kyrgyzstan has introduced a temporary ban on the export of livestock to avoid a surge in meat prices on the local market as the economy reels from the COVID-19 crisis. The Minister notes that shortages of beef caused by the high level of exports have led to a 25 percent increase in prices. The ban affects not only the export of live cows, sheep, goats, horses, but also a whole range of other agricultural products, including poultry, wheat, rice, maize, flour, vegetable oil, sugar, salt and livestock feed. Original article here. (Kyrgyzstan, Livestock, November, 2020)

CAR (Centro Agroalimentare Roma), the Wholesale Market of Rome, presented the “Best Practices Table”. By using the “BitGood” digital platform, recovered surplus food (fruit, vegetables, and fish) will be put into system and it will be sent to the donations circuit of Rome and its province. Access here a News article in Italian (Food recovery and food donations, Italy, June 2020)

Innovators are looking to address food waste with technology, community, and original business model. The FoodNavigator Podcast hears from recipe box company Gousto, anti-food waste app OLIO, and UK charity FareShare: find out more HERE. (Food Waste Innovation, Worldwide, June 2020)

In Spain, although supermarkets have shown record-high sales during the last months (an avg. increased between 12-15%), cost have also significantly increase. Among the new costs that supermarkets had to face are those related to logistics (increased rotation of inventories and supply management), protection for employees (Mask and equipment for employees), infrastructure (restructuring facilities), remuneration for employees, hiring of new employees (to replace sick employees and new employees for the online demand). Moreover, supermarket profit margins have been impacted by the change of purchase pattern from customers. For instance, customers are buying more basic products like apples instead of products considered as “gourmet” like strawberries. Finally, even though there is a substantial increase of the online demand for products (nine-fold according to some supermarkets), supermarkets have had several issues coping with this increase - Original News in Spanish  

It's State of Alert, in view of the COVID-19 emergency, so it is imperative to adopt extraordinary and temporary measures to avoid the spread of  the  new  coronavirus,  whose  responsibility  should  be  shared  by  all  social, economic, public, private, collective or individual actors. Read the article. (Portugal, April 2020, Food Donation).

Italian online survey on food waste during COVID-19 "Cambiamenti delle abitudini alimentari nell’emergenza per Covid-19" (IT, Food Waste Research, April 2020)

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