Technical Platform on the Measurement and Reduction of Food Loss and Waste

Guidelines on the measurement of harvest and post-harvest losses. Recommendations on the design of a harvest and post-harvest loss statistics system for food grains (cereals and pulses)


The testing of measurement methods on crop losses at farm level is necessary to assess their relevance, cost-efficiency and replicability, before recommending them to countries.

The pilot survey undertaken in Ghana and described in this document concerns measurement of post-harvest losses (PHL)4 on the farm, a stage at which, in developing countries, losses are recognized to be high in relation to other stages of the production chain; in developed countries, losses are higher at the retail and consumption stages. Two different measurement methods were tested, assessed and compared: (1) farmers’ declarations and (2) objective measurements. Both approaches were conducted on a stratified sample of farmers selected at random. Therefore, the calculated indicators can be considered as representative of the targeted segment of farms. The use of a sample-survey approach enabled leveraging the farm surveys that are already conducted regularly in Ghana, in terms of the availability of listings, data and human resources.


Year: 2018
Author: GSARS