Plataforma técnica sobre la medición y la reducción de las pérdidas y el desperdicio de alimentos

Management of reusable plastic crates in fresh produce supply chains. A technical guide

Increased fruit and vegetable production in many countries of Asia and the Pacific has not been accompanied by improvements in post-harvest handling to maintain quality and assure safety. FAO continues to provide technical support and to build capacities to reduce losses and to improve quality and safety management in fruit and vegetable supply chains. One such example is use of plastic crates for the bulk packaging of fresh produce. This technical guide highlights Good Manufacturing Practices for the handling and storage of reusable plastic crates and protocols for their cleaning and sanitization. It also documents a model of an efficient management system for returnable plastic crates. This guide is targeted primarily for use by returnable plastic crate service providers and stakeholders in fresh produce handling chains: producers, packing house operators, and transport and storage operators. Individuals who are involved with capacity building activities in horticultural chains as well as policy makers should also find it a useful reference.

Year: 2009
Author: Rosendo S. Rapusas, Rosa S. Rolle