Plateforme technique sur l’évaluation et la réduction des pertes et du gaspillage alimentaires

Methodological proposal for monitoring SDG Target 12.3. Sub-Indicator 12.3.1.A

This paper delves into the rationale of the index design and then presents the various elements of the methodology. The paper starts with the definitional framework and scope of the index, it illustrates the rationale for estimating losses as the percentage of food quantities removed from the supply chain. It illustrates the commodities basket, their selection criteria, the compilation of the index weights and the steps for calculating the index. The final section of the paper summarizes FAO’s two pronged approach to food loss data. The long-term approach is to support countries in collecting food loss data using the Global Strategy Guidelines and recommendations to develop loss surveys along the value chain. The second approach, applicable in the short term, is to assist countries in estimating food losses using model-based estimates within the Food Balance Sheets framework to fill the data gaps. For this, a high level description of the loss imputation model developed by FAO and used at international level will be provided.

Year: 2019
Author: FAO