Technical Platform on the Measurement and Reduction of Food Loss and Waste
In 2013, the World Food Programme (WFP) launched its Zero Food Loss Initiative, piloting the use of airtight storage technologies with farmers in Africa. The program subsidizes the purchase of polypropylene bags and plastic or metal silos and provides training for farmers on the use of these products and storage...
Year: 2017
Author: WFP
  Even during the unexpected and unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, Food Banks belonging to the European Food Banks Federation are showing evidence to be resilient through their daily dedication and determination. The context can vary from country to country, but all European Food Banks are showing similar challenges such as the growing...
Year: 2020
Author: FEBA
The Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) Programme is a multi-stakeholder partnership focused on catalyzing more sustainable food consumption and production patterns. Our shared vision enables our partners to collaborate on joint initiatives, which range from normative, advocacy and policy support activities, to research and development projects as well as on-the-ground implementation...
Year: 2020
Author: One Planet
Presentation on investing in post-harvest reduction intervention in Africa
Year: 2017
Author: AfDB
The report presents follow-up methods on a national level, focusing primarily on food losses, but may also include food waste, in the early stages of the food chain. The methods will be used to gain increased knowledge so that stakeholders throughout the entire food chain can contribute to measures and...
Year: 2021
Author: Karin Lindow – The Swedish Board of Agriculture