Техническая платформа по измерению и сокращению продовольственных потерь и пищевых отходов

Reducing food loss and waste is an important target of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as a means to achieve other SDG targets, in particular relating to food security, nutrition and environmental sustainability.

Globally, around 14 percent of food produced is lost from the post-harvest stage up to, but excluding, the retail stage. Accurate estimates of waste by retailers and consumers are being prepared.

It is essential to address the causes of food loss and waste. This will require information on where food loss and waste occurs in the food supply chain and the determinants behind it.

Reducing food loss and waste can generate economic benefits, but it will also have a cost. As low-cost options for reductions are exhausted, the cost will increase, thus some level of food loss and waste is inevitable.

To reduce food loss and waste and deliver major societal benefits will require a careful analysis of the exact linkages between food loss and waste and food security, nutrition and environmental sustainability.

SOFA 2019 presents an in-depth analysis of the state of food loss and waste at the global level

Chapter 1 - Food loss and waste: framing the issues

                 Look at: Figure 3. Food Loss globally/by region

Chapter 2 - Monitoring food loss and waste along the food supply chains

                 Look at: Figure 6. Range of reported FLW by supply chain stage

Chapter 3 - Reducing food loss and waste: the business case and beyond

                 Look at: Figure 10. FLW reduction benefits and costs

Chapter 4 - Food loss and waste: the implications for food security and nutrition

                 Look at: Figure 12. Potential price and income effects

Chapter 5 - Food loss and waste and environmental sustainability

                 Look at: Figure 13. Relative contributions of the main food groups to overall food loss and waste and their carbon, blue-water and land footprints

Chapter 6 - Policy monitoring for food loss and waste reduction, guiding principles

                 Look at: Figure 17. Objectives of loss and waste reduction measures and their entry points along the food supply chain

For more information access the Full SOFA 2019 report or the Digital SOFA 2019 report