Regional Technical Platform on Green Agriculture

Green Agriculture Initiative in Armenia (EU-GAIA)

Countries Armenia
Start date 12/09/2023
Status Completed
Objective / Goal

The EU-Green Agriculture Initiative in Armenia (EU-GAIA) project is part of the EU’s Annual Action Programme for 2018 – Regional Development. The project is implemented within the framework of the EU-GAIA project with exclusive funding from the Austrian Development Cooperation, while the Austrian Development Agency is the main implementing partner for the EU programme. The project activities are mainly concentrated in Shirak, Lori and Tavush regions as envisaged by EU AAP 2018. These regions are located at high altitudes in border regions. They suffer from weak economic diversification, high poverty and unemployment rates and limited access to markets, as well as increased vulnerabilities of the rural population especially in remote and border parts.

UNDP is responsible for supporting three value chains: herbs, legumes and sheep in Tavush, Lori and Shirak regions.  

Overall objective of EU-GAIA project is to contribute to the realization of shared and balanced inclusive growth in the northern regions of Armenia through boosting green agriculture and enhancing local value added.

UNDP is implementing the major parts of EU-GAIA Specific Objective 3: “Selected agribusinesses are more competitive through a rights-based approach and access to inputs, equipment, infrastructures and services”

  • Pipeline of investable and high added value agribusinesses with demonstrated commitment to an inclusive and rights-based workplace environment created;  
  • Agribusinesses have improved productivity through access to inputs, equipment, infrastructures and services;
  • Increased productivity in selected Value Chains through application of resource efficient and resilient farming practices;
  • Agribusinesses have improved access to local, national and international markets. 
  • Established 3 demo sites with innovative resource efficient and climate smart practices, including Sheep Genetic Center, Herbs Seedling Center and Sheep Pedigree Farm with RFID electronic weighing and counting system of sheep.
  • 80 beneficiaries selected, 60 out which already received the necessary equipment and support
  • Guidelines on cultivation of Herbs and Legumes developed, printed and shared among beneficiaries
  • Support was provided to 15 beneficiaries for participation in 3 local festivals and 1 international exhibition 
  • More than 350 beneficiaries trained on sheep breeding, herb and legume cultivation practices 
  • More than 400 heads of new efficient meat breed sheep are imported from France and distributed among beneficiary farmers  
  • About 20 ton of Elite type of legume seeds distributed among beneficiaries, which produced more than 200 tons of legume seeds 
  • Business model calculation online tools were developed for each value chain: legumes, herbs and sheep  
  • Number of promotional video and printed marketing materials were developed to promote the products of project beneficiaries
  • One event for facilitation of market linkages was organized along the sheep breeding value chain.
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