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CGRFA - Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

The Commission provides the only permanent forum for governments to discuss and negotiate matters specifically relevant to biological diversity for food and agriculture.

Its functions:

- The CGRFA has a coordinating role and deals with policy, sectorial and cross-sectorial matters related to the conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources of relevance to food and agriculture.
- The Commission monitors the state of the world’s genetic resources for food and agriculture.
- The Commission strives to reach international consensus on policies and action programmes to ensure the conservation and sustainable utilization of genetic resources for food and agriculture, as well the fair and equitable sharing of benefits derived from their use.
- The Commission contributes to the strengthening of national and regional policies on biodiversity for food and agriculture and promotes cooperation in capacity-building.
-  The Commission continues and strengthens cooperation and partnerships on biodiversity for food and agriculture.

Biodiversity Genetic Resources and Ecosystem Services