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AGIR - Global Alliance for Resilience Initiative

The aim of AGIR (the Global Alliance for Resilience Initiative) is to help build resilience to the recurrent food and nutrition crises that affect the countries of the Sahel and West Africa.

The idea of an international alliance bringing together governments of the region, regional organisations and their international partners, as well as civil society, was first put forward at a high-level meeting in Brussels on 18 June 2012, hosted by the EU. The Alliance was formally launched in Ouagadougou on 6 December 2012, with the adoption of a Joint Statement setting out basic principles and priorities. Work was subsequently launched on developing a Regional Roadmap, which elaborates principles, priority actions and indicators in greater detail.

AGIR focuses on a 'Zero Hunger' goal in the next 20 years through 4 strategic pillars:

  • Restore, strengthen and secure livelihoods and improve social protection for the most vulnerable communities and households;
  • Strengthen nutrition of vulnerable households;
  • Sustainably strengthen agricultural and food productivity and incomes of vulnerable households and improve their access to food;
  • Strengthen governance for food and nutritional security.
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