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Social Protection and Decent Rural Employment. Rural Transformations. Information Note 3

This 2 pager highlights the positive impact of social protection on employment outcomes. It also describes FAO’s work to promote access to social protection in rural areas while seeking to strengthen synergies with the creation of decent rural employment.

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Trends and impacts of foreign investment in developing country agriculture

In order to acquire an in - depth understanding of potential benefits, constraints and costs of foreign investment in agriculture and of the business models that are more conducive to development, FAO has undertaken research in developing countries.  The research aims to provide better knowledge on the trends and impacts of foreign direct investment on host communities and countries, to gather evidence on inclusive business models, to identify good practices and to develop guidance for host gov ernments.  This publication summarizes the results of this research, in particular through the presentation of the main findings of case studies in nine [...]

Case study


Information services in rural China: An updated case study

This publication is the outcome of a study carried out in 2009 documenting information service models in rural areas in China. It builds upon a previous study carried out in 2003.  The report describes four information service models and provides an update of progress made in the six years from 2003 to 2009.  The impacts of information services in improving the lives of farmers is analysed, as well as the key constraints to further development and expansion of information services to rural areas . The report concludes with key issues that need to be addressed to move forward in strengthening [...]



Child labour prevention in agriculture. Junior Farmer Field and Life School - Facilitator's guide

Childrens participation in their own family farm activities helps them learn valuable skills and contribute  to the generation of household income, which has a positive impact on their livelihoods. Such participation is important for children and builds their self-esteem. Because of poverty, the breakdown of the family, the demand for cheap labour, family indebtedness,  household shocks due to HIV and other reasons, many younger children end up doing work that  poses a risk to their physical and psychological development or to their right to formal education. The prevention and mitigation of child labour has always been an implicit element of [...]
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