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Case study


Food and Agricultural Policy Trends After the 2008 Food Security Crisis Renewed Attention to Agricultural Development. EASYPol Series 125

Published under the The Food and Agriculture Policy Decision Analysis (FAPDA) project, this paper reviews the policy decisions taken from October 2008 to mid 2010. It aims to analyze the policy trends during the period that followed the peak of the 2008 Food Security Crisis. It seeks to identify possible changes in the policy orientation adopted by selected FAO member countries. This paper aspires to answer to the question raised as the result of the 2009 FAO publication on "Country Responses to the Food Security Crisis" which had found quite deep changes in the orientation of policies put in place by [...]



L’état de l’insécurité alimentaire dans le monde. Combattre l’insécurité alimentaire

Le nombre de personnes sous-alimentées dans le monde, qui avoisine le milliard en 2010, se maintient à un niveau inacceptable malgré une baisse attendue – la première en 15 ans. Cette baisse s'explique dans une large mesure par un environnement économique plus favorable en 2010 – notamment dans les pays en développement – et par la diminution des prix des denrées alimentaires sur les marchés intérieurs et internationaux depuis 2008. Selon les estimations de la FAO, le nombre de personnes sous-alimentées s’élève à 925 millions en 2010, contre 1,023 milliard en 2009. C’est l’Asie qui a contribué le plus fortement à [...]

Case study


Enhancing Food Security and Nutrition Policy Assistance. Lessons from Experience. Policy Assistance Series 5

Food security is still largely misconceived as exclusively a matter of increased food production. As a result, comprehensive strategic approaches to hunger reduction have been insufficient. With this in mind, in 2004, through the FAO Netherlands Partnership Programme (FNPP), FAO began assisting several countries, namely Bhutan, Cambodia, Kenya, Mozambique and Zanzibar in integrating a specific and comprehensive food security and nutrition focus into their poverty reduction strategies or other national development frameworks. Through the fruitful collaboration between FAO and counterpart governments under the FNPP, each of the above-mentioned countries is now including food security and nutrition into major national policy [...]

Issue paper


Agricultural Reforms and Trade Liberalization in China and Selected Asian Countries. Lessons of Three Decades. Policy Assistance Series 6

How did the Asia-Pacific region rescue over 700 million people from extreme poverty between 1980 and 2005? What policy lessons can we learn and implement to improve conditions for the nearly 1 billion people in the region who continue to live in poverty? Examining Asia’s recent agricultural reform and trade liberalization experiences, in the context of current global crises, presents an occasion to reflect on past achievements and consider future opportunities. This publication synthesizes the proceedings and presents technical papers from a policy forum convened by FAO and China's Ministry of Agriculture. The first part summarizes key points from presentations, panel [...]



Impacts of Policies on Poverty. Absolute Poverty Lines. EASYPol Series 005

This analytical tool illustrates how to define “absolute” poverty lines, i.e poverty lines based on approaches that consider the welfare position of each individual or household as if it were independent of the conditions of other individuals or households belonging to the same community. In particular, this module will discuss the following methods: the food energy intake (FEI) the cost of basic needs (CBN) the consumption insufficiency method (CI) the budget standard method (BS) The analogies and differences of the above methods will be highlighted and we shall also illustrate how they can be made operational and how they work, by means of stepby-step procedures and examples.  For more information, see [...]
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