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Bangladesh: Socio-economic context and role of agriculture (Country fact sheet on food and agriculture policy trends)

How have governments responded to the 2007/08 food crisis and how has their approach evolved since then? Which measures have gained the attention of national policy makers in recent years? What are the emerging issues in the context of national food security policy, and which areas of investigation should be considered further?

The new series of country fact sheets launched by FAPDA attempt to answer these questions presenting key food and agriculture policy trends since the 2007/08 food security crisis.

FAPDA country fact sheets are prepared in collaboration with national partners and FAO country and regional offices. Each fact sheet provides a glimpse of the overarching agriculture, food security and nutrition policy frameworks and highlight trends in key national policy decisions affecting producers, consumers and trade. The fact sheets synthesize policy information that is stored in the online policy database, the FAPDA tool.

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