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Safeguarding land tenure rights in the context of agricultural investment. Governance of Tenure Technical Guide 4

A technical guide on safeguarding land tenure rights in line with the Voluntary Guidelines for the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests in the Context of National Food Security, for government authorities involved in the promotion, approval and monitoring of agricultural investments

This technical guide elaborates on specific aspects of the VGGT relating to agricultural investments by providing detailed guidance to government authorities and others on actions they can take to help them to create an enabling environment for responsible and sustainable investments. In following this guidance and applying the principles of the VGGT, governments will be more likely to achieve their economic development goals by maximizing the shared benefits of both private and public investments and mitigating negative impacts. In addition, by creating incentives for inclusive business models that share value with local farmers and that do not imply the transfer of large areas of land, governments will be instrumental in achieving better living conditions and greater social justice for their people – a prerequisite for peace and stability.

This guide responds to the need for greater investment in agriculture and encourages all stakeholders – particularly the target audience of government authorities involved in investment promotion, approval and monitoring processes – to explore investment models that reduce or avoid the transfer of land tenure rights. The guide also provides guidance on how to transfer land or resource rights in ways that respect rights, foster sustainable livelihoods and do not harm local environments.