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Negotiated territorial development in a multi-stakeholders participatory resource planning approach. An initial sustainable framework for the Near East region. Land and Water Division Working paper 15

The MENA region is known for its water scarcity situation and competition over the limited natural resources to grow grain in order to enhance domestic food supplies, or to grow high-value fruits and vegetables for export is intense and escalating. The choice between food security and lucrative exports is not simple because land and water continue to remain a fundamental part of people’s cultural identity, social relations, livelihood strategies and economic well-being. The trade-offs are critical and many aspects and may stakeholders need to be brought to the decision table.

The proposed approach helps stakeholders to select and put into practice those land uses that will best meet the needs of the people while safeguarding resources for the future. The driving force in planning is the need for change, the need for improved management and efficiency, the need for equitable access and distribution of benefits and the need for a quite different pattern of land use dictated by changing circumstances. Good planning is about good choices.

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