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Agricultural Development Policy. Concepts and Experiences

Agricultural Development Policy: Concepts and Experiences, prepared under the aegis of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), presents a fresh and comprehensive look at agricultural development policy. It provides a clear, systematic review of important classes of policy issues in developing countries and discusses the emerging international consensus on viable approaches to those issues. The text is unique in its coverage and depth, and it Cites policy experiences and applied studies in eighty countries. Develops the conceptual foundations for policies. Illustrates policies that have worked and those that have not, with explanations of why. Summarises hundreds of references from the literature on agricultural development policies. Provides guidance for policy makers and policy analysts through both real-world examples and conceptual frameworks. Topics covered include agriculture's role in economic development, objectives and instruments of agricultural policy, linkages between macroeconomic and agricultural policies, sectoral policies related to agricultural prices, the role of government in the sector, gender issues in agriculture, policies for the rural poor, land tenure policies, water management, agricultural financial policies, agricultural technology development and dissemination, and agricultural development strategies and rural development issues. The book is suitable for use in university courses in agricultural and economic development, international development, natural resource management, and specialised topics in agriculture, and it serves as a valuable reference tool for policy makers and other professionals and researchers in the field of international agricultural development.

Available in Spanish Política de desarrollo agrícola. Conceptos y principios

The English version was co-published by FAO and John Wiley & Sons, and can be purchased through Wiley Publishers.

FAO-John Wiley & Sons