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Global Livestock Environmental Assessment Model. Interactive. A Tool for Estimating Livestock Production, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Assessing Intervention Scenarios VERSION 2.0

GLEAM-interactive (GLEAM-i) brings the core functionalities of the FAO Global Livestock Environmental Assessment Model to the public in a single Excel file. The current version of GLEAM-i allows the direct comparison between Baseline and Scenario conditions, includes feedlot systems for cattle and incorporates the 2010 background data from GLEAM. GLEAM-i is the first open, user-friendly and livestock specific tool designed to support governments, project planners, producers, industry and civil society organizations to calculate emissions using Tier 2 methods. GLEAM-i can be used in the preparation of national inventories and in ex-ante project evaluation for the assessment of intervention scenarios in animal husbandry, feed and manure management. 

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