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Issue paper

Gender, agriculture and rural development in Uzbekistan

Gender equality is a key to eliminating poverty and hunger, as it has been demonstrated by the FAO throughout its research worldwide. As part of the FAO efforts on generating evidence and knowledge, and in compliance with the FAO Policy on Gender Equality, the purpose of the Country Gender Assessment for Uzbekistan is to contribute to the production of knowledge for better informed, targeted and gender sensitive actions in agriculture and rural development. It has been produced as it is required in the FAO Policy on Gender Equality. This Gender Assessment has served as a resource for the Country Programming Framework prepared between the FAO and the Government of Uzbekistan to start in 2018 and it is meant to inform FAO professionals, other UN agencies, staff from the government of Uzbekistan, NGOs and professionals who work in agriculture and rural development. It is also meant to be an awareness-raising tool for the wider public. This gender assessment points out some of the major gender inequalities that need to be considered by policy makers and project managers according to available data, and identifies further research needs.


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