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Climate-Smart Agriculture in action: from concepts to investments. Dedicated Training for Staff of the Islamic Development Bank

In October 2019, the IsDB and FAO Regional Office for the Near East and North Africa partnered to deliver the first Regional Workshop on Climate-Smart Agriculture in the NENA region. The IsDB now aims to ensure that all their offices are aware of CSA and are able to make investments that meaningfully take CSA and its principles into account. In so doing, they aim to enhance the capacity of the agricultural systems to support food security, incorporating the need for adaptation and the potential for mitigation into sustainable agriculture development strategies. FAO is proud to bring the four-day training on CSA to the IsDB’s Staff: Climate-Smart Agriculture in action: from concepts to investments, to support the development of climate-smart agricultural investment projects in the IsDB’s focus countries, especially through its Climate Change and Agricultural policies. This training booklet contains core information from the training, including but not limited to: learning objectives, learning materials, and key CSA Sourcebook Chapters. The training booklet also provides useful links to additional learning resources, as well as key FAO publications for future reference.

Near East & North Africa