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Advancing knowledge – Supporting policy-making – Impacting lives (Revised Edition)

The FAO Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum) is an inclusive, neutral platform for people and institutions to share knowledge and support policy-making.

Over the years, the FSN Forum online discussions have played an important role in strengthening and democratizing policy dialogue in line with the UN’s move towards more inclusive decision-making processes within the development community.

The FSN Forum engages a broad spectrum of citizens, experts, governments, non-governmental and private entities at the global, regional and national levels, fostering awareness, debate and mutual learning on the broad range of issues that affect food securityand nutrition.

This publication presents the work of the FSN Forum, offering an overview of how Forum activities and its vast network of participants around the world help FAO to tackle the root causes of poverty and hunger and support countries, organizations and communities in their efforts to improve lives.

This is an updated version of 2017 publication The Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition - Advancing knowledge, supporting policy-making, impacting lives.