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Issue paper

Ecosystem approach to aquaculture management. Handbook

The Ecosystem approach to aquaculture mangament handbook aims to provide skills and tools to develop in stakeholders and facilitators the necessary know-how to develop an Ecosystem approach to aquaculture managment plans targeting sustainable and climate change resilient aquaculture. The handbook will provide the necessary knowledge on how to:

- manage aquaculture under holistic approaches;
- address aquaculture issues and challenges;
- apply Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management strategies
- reduce user group conflicts;
- work cooperatively with other stakeholders;
- empower communities towards political changes
- help unlock financial resources to implement plant

The handbook also provides the information to understand the principles of EAAM, how to foster cross-sector coordination, how to develop, implement and monitor a plan by applying adaptive management, and will also practice the crucial skills of effective communication, facilitation, and conflict management.