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/ Policy brief

Policies and institutions shaping the business enabling environment of agrifood processors in Senegal. An analytical review of the literature for integrated policy making

Small and medium agrifood enterprises (SMAEs) such as processors, transporters and other service providers, play an important role in achieving sustainable development objectives. For instance, they connect farmers to urban markets; make significant investments in rural areas; provide employment to vulnerable populations such as women and youth; and propel the modernization of agrifood value chains. In sub-Saharan Africa, where agriculture comprises 53 percent of total employment and 15.5 percent of gross domestic product, supporting SMAEs can have great implications for pro-poor growth and rural transformation. To support SMAEs in fulfilling their potential, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has been dedicating research to better understand their policy and technical needs.

This publication is such output and aims to provide an assessment of the policy and institutional framework in Senegal shaping the business models of small and medium agrifood processors. This systemic appraisal of Senegal’s business enabling environment for SMAEs was cross-fertilized with an analysis of the business models of three rice millers, resulting in a related FAO technical study 'The role of small and medium agrifood enterprises in food systems transformation: the case of rice processors in Senegal'.

The analyses were carried out using a multidisciplinary agrifood systems approach, which looks at policies and institutions related to procurement, operations, logistics, finance, marketing and sales, human resources, and strategic partnerships. Due to its well-articulated policy documents and the extensive research on various aspects of the business enabling environment conducted in the country, Senegal represents a compelling case to illustrate the links between policies and the activities of agrifood processors.