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GeoTech4Tenure - Technical guide on combining geospatial technology and participatory methods for securing tenure rights

In line with the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure (VGGT), public and private investments globally are increasingly recognising responsible land governance as a determinant for the success and sustainability of their achievements. Investment managers understand that preventing and mitigating tenure related issues is a necessary step to achieve their objectives. While a wide range of tools, community-based participatory approaches, and technologies are available to help clarify, protect and secure tenure rights, navigating this landscape requires expertise which is often not available to investment projects. This guide provides readers with a basic understanding of the functional linkages between land tenure and land-based investments. It illustrates the process of protecting and securing legitimate tenure rights through recordation, describes how to use fit-for-purpose technology to strengthen / support the process, identifies choices in selecting the appropriate technology based on objectives and context, and provides clear criteria to inform the choice.