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FAO Policy on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples

Consistent with its mandate to pursue a world free from hunger and malnutrition, the following “FAO Policy on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples” has been formulated so as to ensure that FAO will make all due efforts to respect, include and promote indigenous issues in relevant work. In so doing, it joins the international community’s increasing mobilization in favour of the rights and concerns of indigenous peoples, most of whom suffer disproportionately from multiple adversities such as discrimination, poverty, ill health, political under-representation, and environmental and cultural degradation. Although much attention is focused on the challenges that indigenous peoples face, it is equally important to remember the specialized knowledge and ingenuity which often characterize indigenous livelihood practices. As an organization which specializes in rural poverty reduction and food security, it is imperative for FAO to consider indigenous peoples as fundamental stakeholders and partners in development.

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