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Strengthening Sector Policies for Better Food Security and Nutrition Results: Land Tenure. Policy Guidance Note 7

Land, fisheries, forests and other natural resources provide a basis for livelihoods and social, cultural and religious practices. However, most people in rural areas in developing countries do not have any form of documentation to protect their land and natural resources rights, which puts their livelihoods and consequently their food and nutrition security are at risk. Secure tenure rights promote responsible investment in agriculture that could increase productivity and enhance food security and nutrition. Secure access to land, fisheries and forest resources, including water, is associated with increased social well-being and economic growth. This guidance note provides background information on tenure, food security and nutrition linkages and addresses the overarching question of what changes are needed to existing tenure-related policies and laws to raise the profile of tenure issues in the food security and nutrition agenda. 

Now available in French and Spanish.

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