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Social Protection, Emergency Response, Resilience and Climate Change. A New Interactive Learning Tool

Why a game on social protection?

This interactive tool facilitates learning on the potential benefits and tradeoffs in linking social protection, resilience and climate change policies at local, national and global level. The tool allows national stakeholders and policymakers to experience first-hand the challenges that smallholder farmers face when dealing with scarce availability of productive assets and deteriorating climate conditions.  This will help participants be better equipped to solve complex problems related to social protection, climate change issues and resilience in an uncertain world. The tool captures the essence of reallife complexity simulating struggles and threats faced by smallholder farmers. It forces participants to make decisions that will have consequences; and with that exploration of possibilities comes very deep learning which is owned by those who play the game.

The game is a simplified representation of reality. It is designed to amplify certain aspects that matter for the purpose of learning about social protection, resilience and climate change while excluding other aspects of reality that, while relevant, would make the game too complicated. 

FAO, Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre