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Issue paper

Blockchain for agriculture. Opportunities and challenges

This publication provides an in-depth analysis of the applications of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies in the agriculture sector. It aims to facilitate a better understanding of the opportunities and benefits of blockchain in agriculture, as well as the technical and institutional barriers to its adoption. The paper analyses how blockchain and smart contracts can increase efficiency, transparency and traceability in agricultural supply chains and improve rural development interventions; as well as be an impetus to achieve the SDGs. Blockchain-based technologies have the potential to promote more sustainable agriculture supply chains, better facilitate trade and provide a more inclusive trading system. Blockchain can be a powerful engine for economic growth, inclusive trade and provide new market opportunities for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs).

Currently, there is limited literature that looks at how this technology can affect the agriculture sector, and there is limited knowledge on how blockchain works and its applications in agriculture and rural development. This publication aims to provide one of the first analyses on the topic. It should help raise awareness and help policymakers and others to better understand the topic.