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Meeting the climate change mitigation commitments of Least Developed Countries: The role of the agricultural sectors and the need for urgent action

For the Least Developed Countries (LDCs), achieving the commitments following the ratification of the Paris Agreement will require a great effort, as the availability of financial, social, and technical resources are often limited or directly dependent upon the higher income nations. The 47 LDCs account for 13 percent of the global population, 1 percent of global GDP and 5.75 percent of global GHG emissions. These countries not only face more challenging tasks than other countries, as overall conditions within each nation may not facilitate the accomplishment of the stated goals, but they are more vulnerable to climate change and therefore experience the greatest impacts. For FAO, this important set of countries, in which the agricultural sectors stands out as the main economic activity, are top priority Member Nations for collaboration and implementation of climate action.

This analysis was constructed to support governments, international organizations, aid institutions and global funding entities when selecting a country for project implementation, prioritizing them by the urgency of their needs. Countries were prioritized based on climate vulnerability, development indicators, level of CO2 emissions and level of policy planning.

Global, Least developed countries (LDCs)
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