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The State of Land and Water Resources for Food and Agriculture in the Near East and North Africa region. Summary report

The State of Land and Water Resources (SOLAW) in the Near East and North Africa (NENA) region is part of a FAO flagship series launched in 2011. Being one of the most land and water scarce region in the world, the preservation of land and water resources is of critical importance to ensure food security and address the increased food demand. The publication aims at providing policy makers, institutions and other stakeholders a comprehensive overview of the current situation for land and water and the effect of climate change and urbanization on food production facilitating informed decision-making. The report provides the latest land and water resource statistics for the region and outlines important challenges that NENA is facing in the lead up to 2030 and beyond. It also presents positive initiatives from the region and a range of options available to help authorities respond to the issues of land and water resources.

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